one day at a time: waldek dynerman

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  • 706 S 5th Street (Hawthorn Contemporary Door)


Locked up in my studio for over a year I have become a castaway, like so may others. My world has shrunk to the surface of the canvas stretched on the studio wall. A continuous stream of bad news relentlessly banging at my laptop’s screen became the only tangible link to the outside. The news described the world in distress, at home and everywhere else. Political turmoil, racism, the Pandemic, military conflicts, famine…all were transmitted to my “island” loud and clear, and in real time. It all made me angry and it made me want to do something about it. The choice I saw for myself was to bear witness. Due to the sheer magnitude of bad news we become numb and stop paying attention. Is it possible that art can connect us back to our inner rage and keep us angry. We cannot succumb to the world as is.

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