Before We Broke Up

an intimate look at love lost

"In many ways, painting is a form of adoration. To gaze for so long at a single visage and recreate it in tender brushstrokes is an act of love. What artists paint tells us what and who they esteem in the highest regard, and artists have always painted their lovers. From Wyeth to Schiele, there is an artistic tradition in recording the intimate vulnerability of a relationship and pulling viewers into the private lives of artists.


How much more vulnerable does that artwork become when the relationship has run its course? How much more fragile to view a piece of artwork created for a love that no longer exists? In “We Broke Up But I Still Have All These Dumb Paintings of Your Face,” curators Josh Hintz and Andrea Guzzetta invite you to look upon loves lost from a slew of talented artists and dear God, please take them home with you because we simply can’t have them in our houses anymore."

Curator, Andrea Guzzetta